About us

SLVE is a venezuelan company with more than 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to give technological solutions to the business sector; for that reason, we offer proffesional services and solutions of high quality that allow our clients to take up their projects





We are commited of being a company that provides the most innovative technologies that are needed by other companies, providing for it solutions and services in the area of technology. Also, we support our clients in the achievement of their projects and efectiveness of their strategies and business objectives








We are decided of being a top ten and innovative company, recongnized for its professional excellence, continue improving and for offering solutions and services of excellent quality, leading the open source technological sector






Security: Ensure that the services provided by the company is executed with high industry standards.


Calidad: Be efficient and effective providing our services, applying high standards processes and models.


Integrity y transparency:  Ethics, honesty, trust and transparency are the way of our work and company.


Commitment: Act with loyalty protecting the interests of the company contributing to the achievement of business objectives.


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